Armageddon in the Atlas Mountains!

This is the final Chapter to the 3 part Where Heroes Dare! game that I played with our local Club's Lead Archivist, Al and his nefarious Sky Pirates. My Hero, Ace Drummond, followed the Pirates deep into the Altas Mountains where they planned to make the goods exchange with a secret buyer, little did the buyer know that the meant to double cross him. Either way, crime had to pay and Ace with his stalwart companions were there to see it happen!

The Atlas Moutains.

Another view.

The Sky Pirates conduct a strafing run and the Legionaires take the brunt of the attack!

Our Heroes move to capture the mountain.

The Sky Pirates led by Captain Roxy ascend!

Deadly fire is exchanged amongst the rocks.

Hogan, Man of Might, takes the Dare! Location, only to be dropped by fire from the plane!

Rugged Darla scales the rock face with ease.

A precarious position for Roxy and her gang, time to extricate!

Ace arrives on the top to put down evil!

In the end it came out as a minor win for good as Ace Drummond was able to get the goods the Pirates hoped for, but was unable to get back the Ray Proof Suit. Next time Roxy, next time!



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