Dacoits of Death!

Dacoits of Kong Fang are no longer the mere mortal sycophants of the malevolent mandarin, but deadly living vessels of brutal spirits. The host bodies were changed through alchemy and the insidious soul binding arts to create these mindless warriors who walk between two worlds for their master, Kong Fang.

Kong Fang flanked by his Dacoit guards.

"Go my slaves, go and kill for your Master!"

Using the Where Heroes Dare! zombie rules, Kong Fang adds more minions to his Horde.
And here is the final creation of Kong Fang, waiting to be awoken from it's long slumber...
More to come...



  1. Awesome story elements and pics Doc.


  2. Nice work. I like the blog and just ordered WHD to check it out for myself. What models did you use for the dacoits?


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