What is Where Heroes Dare!

So what exactly is Where Heroes Dare!?

Where Heroes Dare! is a ruleset fro recreating the action and adventure of the 1920’s-1930’s Pulp Fiction and Movie Serial genre. This is the period of amazing heroes and dastardly villains in a larger than life world that spans the globe. From the mean streets of Chicago to the forgotten steps of Petra, these rules will bring all the action, mystery and adventure to your table.

Inside Where Heroes Dare!

So how does it work?

Where Heroes Dare! is a point based game system that allows players to make up their own teams consisting of 3 different classes of Characters; Leads, the stars of the show, Companions, the confidants and second in commands, and lastly Supporters, the nameless minions and allies in the story. Each class of Character is allowed so many points toward Abilities, Shticks, and Gadgets and Gear. Abilities are the statistics that allow a Character to fire his gat, punch through a Tong gangster, or rally his broken men. The Dare ability is the core mechanic of the game which governs the Character’s endurance, reasoning power for clues, ability to perform feats, and use his Shticks. Shticks are the flavor of the Character making him a back street brawler or Tibetan mystic depending on your choices. Gadgets and gear can vary from the average Luger to a Detonation ray or Rocket packs. In Where Heroes Dare! Mad Science is unleashed, from ray guns to Giant robots or even disappearing belts. It’s all there.

So how many figures do I need?

In Where Heroes Dare! players may field as little as 3 figures or as many as 30 depending on their style of play. Characters can be made with lots of extras for deep, single combat or speed lined Characters with only a few extras can be fielded to make larger games. You can even combine different styles on the table between players.

What about Vehicles and Airplanes?

Where Heroes Dare! Allows players to field vehicles ranging from tanks to speedsters, airplanes to tchankas and even artillery all in the easy to use Iron Ivan Games form. What better way to take on a Giant Robot than with some good old landships? It’s all in there and with a little adjustment on points, any Iron Ivan supplement can be used to bring in even more vehicles.

Is this a straight up shooting game or is there more plot?

Where Heroes Dare! is a plot driven game with the focus on the Leads of the story. Dare! locations and generators are used to create mysteries, traps, helpful clues, and victories for all the forces on the table. The Campaign Generator is an easy way for players to create games quickly and to develop chapters randomly for their ongoing story. Also watch your fortunes change after each game with the Perils and Fortunes tables that carry effects to your Characters from game to game.

What size playing area do I need?

Where Heroes Dare! can be played on a 2’ x 2’ area up to a 4’ x 8’ area depending on the number of models and players involved. For small 600 – 1,000 pt games a 3’ x 3’ table is more than ample.

What is the release date for Where Heroes Dare!

Nov 6th at the Fall In convention is the release date, come by our stand or visit www.ironivangames.com after the Fall In weekend.

I hope this has helped to answer some questions that might arise and as always questions are welcome here at the Iron Ivan Games Yahoo group site:


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  1. is there anywher to get these rules as pdf? paying a premium to have the book shipped from US to Australia (when I will be playing on a virtual tabletop anyways) does not seem worthwhile.


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