Tower of Blood!

Another night of Gamma Action. Last night the players managed to get reunited only after Cormac was able to find a Restorationist party led by Dugg the Builder. In their camp he picked up additional medical training from the Healer, Jaxxon, attached to Dugg's force. Meanwhile Roshon, Rylla, Kella, Sarin and Mongo were attacked by Seps, Land Sharks, and Mongo lost a big chunk of trunk from the voracious monsters. Cormac and the Restorationists arrived in time to rescue them and they proceeded to their destination south of Arksburg, the Grain Tower. Dugg's team was sent to make this tower an outpost for the Restorationist city of Nuesite and the players were brought in as extra muscle to take the tower from the Badders that made it their home.

The Roshon and Cormac rained death on the guards of the tower with .22 and crossbow fire while Sarin and Mongo closed the gap to assault. The Badders used a gong and 55 gallon drums of blood to attract Seps to defend the grounds turning them into a bloody sea. Mongo and Sarin managed to climb the tower avoiding the Seps as debris was thrown down at them. Once on top of the tower, deadly melee ensued which was again costly to Mongo, but Sarin saved him from near death. The tower was secured by nightfall and the Badders were destroyed. Loot was found amongst the ruins such as a pair of IR goggles and more armor. Dugg the Builder thanked the heroes and christened the tower Horizon. Who now knows what lies ahead....out in the wastelands....



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