Cold Wars 2013

Okay, Pictures Time!

Unfortunately the room we were in for Cold Wars didn't have the best lighting, but here they are:

 Keith's Point Blank WW2 game with Partisans vs the SS in Russia

Greg's American Civil War Game

 Mark and Jon's WW1 Tanga Battle game

 Keith's Point Blank Post Apocalyptic Game

 "This way to the Marylin Manson Concert!"

 Rob's Weird War 2 game using Point Blank

 Snow Nazis!

 Great fun!  More to come,


  1. I sorta miss the cons in Lancaster. I went as often as I could when I lived in Allentown. Now, here in "Upper Canada", the one convention I can make is in two weeks!

  2. Looks fun, wish I could have been there!

  3. Oh, if I had known these were going on, I would have made an effort to track them down. Which room did they chuck you in?

  4. We were in the Kinderhook, by the bathrooms downstairs.



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