Free Printable 54mm Gladiator Arena for Victus

I've had a few friends ask about Arenas for Victus especially for 54mm. Victus can be played at any scale, but I picked 54s personally because I wanted to change up my usual painting and I love the heroic scope of the game in the larger scale.  So then comes the next question of an Arena.

Not all the Gladiator games had to be in the sands, what about the worn courtyard of a noble who was a Gladiator enthusiast?  Maybe a Lictor or Senator would throw a party and what better show than on a mosaic tiled floor that has seen more than it's fair share of shield scrapes and blood.

Below is a copy of the Arena I made for 54mm, I scaled the hexes to 2.125 inches since my Glads are based on 2 inch hex bases that are actually bathroom tile.

I had to print this 4 times at 11 x 17 and then used a glue stick to mount it onto foamboard.

More to come,


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