Battle on Genosha IV

Did a test run of some Scifi Fantasy rules I've been toying around and used Star Wars minis for the game. So here we are on the planet Genosha IV with the Clones defending against a droid assault force.
The Table.

Defenses are laid and positions taken.

"Wait till you see their optic sensors!"

Fast support awaits the signal to attack behind the rock face cover.

Droids supported by grav tanks advance.

"Wait for it.."

Troopers rain death down on the enemy only to be torn apart from return fire.

A Jedi advances with a squad escort.

Troopers open up from the other cliff, but are forced back by Gravtank fire.

Sith and Droids advance by cover

Gravtank is taken out by the Republic tank after it pops up from cover and smokes it.

Still they advance.

Super Battle Droids get pinned down by the Republic tank.

Droids advance under cover, Roger, Roger.

The troopers scale down the cliff face to hold the objective.

Suppressing fire!

The Jedis advance on the Sith.

Force push knocks back a squad of droids.

The Jedi comes under fire from all sides as the troopers drop around him.

More droids thrown back with the Force.

The Jedis try to attack together, but one is thrown back with Force push.

Droids are shot down and Force Crushed, but the Sith manages to rally and take the objective. Mass fire from overwhelming droid forces tear down the Jedi and what seemed like a victory for the Republic, goes to the Separatists.

More to Come,


  1. Collectable SW, the cheap and handy source for cool miniatures!

    Great looking game Doc, really love the table as well.

  2. Looks like a fun game. I am glad more people have started developing their own rules.

  3. Great looking game! I enjoyed reading your battle report.

  4. PS: I'll be following suit and scouring the toy section for Transformers crossover toys.


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