Soldiers of Von Thoma or What my GF got me for Christmas

So as many of you know I'm a huge fan of the Spanish Civil War as a period for Wargaming. I love researching the forces and my awesome girlfriend, now finacee, bought me the book, "Soldiers of Von Thoma" by Lucas Molina and Jose Manrique Garcia for Christmas.

So what's inside? TONS. Most fellow SCWers know that reference material on nationalist forces is scant, especially the German land forces and this book goes into a cornucopia of detail.

Inside are extensive TO & Es, pictures of troops training, tanks being used, very detailed equipment lists, etc.

Highlights I liked were the Flammen panzers in action, chauchauts, being used for training, and chemical gear.

Now it's got me wanting to finish a few more figs for some Primera Batalla games...

More to come!


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