Pons Project for Victus

So how to spice up a Gladiator game when historical, high impact butchery and bloodletting isn't enough? Enter the Pons match.  The Pons match is a historical match using a bridge type platform called the Pons.  The following is an article on how to build a large, 54mm pons for Victus games, but it could be used for other scales as well.

 I start with 5 hexes of tiles that I used for basing my Gladiators.

I trace it out on card stock twice and then glue the card together, pressed with a weight so it won't warp.
 Next, the supports!  I used dowels and balsa wood.

 Holes are drilled in the posts and the beams.  I use a toothpick as a nail with glue to hold.


Now I wrap with cord and glue in place.

 Supports are now glued to the cardboard base.

I glue Balsa wood to the supports, a solid sheet scored for planks with a pencil.

 A ramp is added.

 The underside of the ramp.

I lay down hexes again and plan where the matchbox sticks will go for placing minis.

 The Pons begins to take shape, spaces are there for the miniatures.

 With some 54mm minis

 I use plaster on the base to cover up the glue.  Next is to paint and sand.

More to come!


  1. Thanks! I got it finished, I'll have complete pics up soon.


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