The Well To Hell Part 1, Dare Location

I've got a bevy of friends coming over to game a Pulp adventure with the Iron Ivan Games set, Where Heroes Dare!, and decided to scratch build a custom Dare! Location for it.

The story line so far is that Kong Fang, the Nefarious Master of the East, has returned and is seeking the Well to Hell.  So here we go!

Materials, some odds and ends.

Starting with a wooden base, use a pen cap to score in a brick pattern.

 I use some beads and wooden spools and stack them with a matchstick in the center with glue to make the pillars.

 I carve the ends of a piece of balsa wood for the beam.  I have a Chinese Bell jewelry piece that I picked up at a craft store, this will hang under the beam.

 The columns are up and glued in place.  I use another wooden circle and glue a chinese token on top, this will be the Well itself.

Now the beam goes on top , glued in place. The Bell is suspended underneath with twine using glue to hold it in place.

More to come!



  1. Excellent eye for seeing junk as usable treasure! Great idea and follow-through, Doc.

  2. Thanks! Always looking to use materials laying around for other purposes and Dare! locations are fun to make. It's boring to just see counters down on a table IMOHO.



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