The Pons Gladiator Project Part 2

The finished Pons!

I did a varnish to the wood and added sand to the base, then sealed it.

The Pons match was a the "Ladder Match" of Gladiator games.  Traditionally a Retiarius began the match on the Pons, armed with his usual weapons; the pugio, fuscina, and rete.  He was also given a pile of large, fist sized rocks to use as missile weapons against his opponents.  That's right, opponentS! The Retiarius would be faced by TWO Secutors. The Secutors would begin on the sands and would have to scale the Pons to assault the Retiarius.

Rules for the Pons are included in the Victus Gladiator rules, to be released at Cold Wars 2013 from Iron Ivan Games

 The Secutors advance on the Retiarius.

 The Retiarius throws the rocks at the incoming Secutors.

Using their shields to stave off the rocks, the Secutors close the gap!


More to come,


  1. The finished Pons scratchbuild is very nice modeling, IMO. Hopefully, the Retiarius has a few good tricks hidden in his net!


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