Silver Bullets in No More Room In Hell!

Looking at adding a few more monsters into our No More Room In Hell! games and thought it was time to take a bite with some Lycanthropy

Stay behind me!  I hear something by the rig...
 Run! I'll hold it off!!!
-Heavy Guitar riffs and splatter sounds -

Can she make it out alive?!
A couple approaches to try, a traditional, single Lycan or a Pack which would work more like a fast moving Zombie Horde.  Give them a vulnerability to silver (think 2x damage) and maybe also high frequency sound.

More to come!


  1. Creative and lots of fun! Plus, the fire is cool!

  2. Now that looks like seriously good fun!

  3. Very nice, unusual and creative! Great wok!

  4. Thanks! Seems like you could go 2 different directions with lycans: pack like hordes that attack in waves or a single lycan that stalks.

    The first choice would play like an amped up Zombie game and the second would be more like a narrative driven survival game where elements would need to be built into the scenario to make it work.

    More to come!

  5. Where did you get that Werewolf? It looks like a sweet model.

    1. Thanks, the werewolf came from Reaper Miniatures.

  6. Great work! How did you create the "spatter effect" in the Heavy guitar riffs photo?

  7. Thanks!

    The Splatterworks were done with some brushes in Photoshop.

  8. I use I'll see if the program has something similar. Thanks again!


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