USMC 1980's The Root force completed

My USMC Force for Beirut is finished! I would at some point like to add a M60 tank if one ever becomes available for 28mm scale, but this is it for now. All the miniatures are from Mongrel Miniatures available through Newline Designs.

A checkpoint is set up using a LVTP from S & S models.

Team Leader with M203.

M60 in HMG mode.

The entire force, two full squads, command and support elements.

More to come,


  1. Nice to see these guys painted up. One of the ranges that I really enjoyed sculpting but rarely get to see being used!

    Good work and carry on.

    Stay lucky,

  2. Thanks Soapy, the sculpts you did are amazing. I still want to do a Falklands game with your Mofo stuff.



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