What is the best boardgame EVER?! That's right, MFing Gammarauders
We played this awesome game of the past this weekend with 4 players, it can take up to six. Each player takes turns laying out the hexes to make the game board. After that a city location is chosen for their fortress marker.

Each player begins with a force of Infantry, Hovertanks, Gammajets, and a BIOBORG! A bioborg is a huge, mutated animal that has all kinds of crazy weapons A-Teamed onto it. My personal favorite weapon was the Neo-Nuclear Flamer.

I was Squawwk a Penguinoid @ss beater.

Gruz was the beast of The People's Democratic Republic of Bookmans.

Blip the Teleporturtle was Mongo's and his vicious Eco-Terrorists.

Onko was controlled by Al who set up in a section of the table completely cut off by water. It took more movement to get there and Al had a horde of an army built up that ripped me up and down. I had to fight my way in and then fight my way out to get away. His fortress became known as ALLENGRAD! No one took it from him.

Last image is of Gruz reaping vengeance on the Turtle people for the destruction of their fortress. In the end Gruz did win with lots of shaky alliances and back stabbing, GREAT GAME.



  1. I ABSOLUTELY love Gammarauders! What a wonderful game and set of fluff to go with it! I even made a 28mm Blip Bioborg! Have you ever tried the expansion Revenge of the Factoids with the Gammasaurus?

  2. No I never got to try the expansions, but I think a lot of us want to give them a shot now. I got the game when I was about 14 at a Walden's book store at the mall and my cousin and I gamed the sh1t out of it. My copy got lost and Mongo bought a copy off ebay last year. Gamma Goodness!


  3. Hey, I played this game 20 years ago and it was great fun indeed. Great post-apocalytic mess :-)

  4. Great game. I remember it well.
    Dang hard to find these days though.

  5. My dad introduced this game to me yesterday i made this epic custom and owned but just a question how do you die forever like your not in the game anymore


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