1982 Syrians in Lebanon for SOCWAD

Syrian Forces arrive for the upcoming SOCWAD game at Cold Wars

Here is a sniper in vertical stripe lizard pattern Camo.
The miniatures are from Mongrel Miniatures available at Newline Design Studios

An LMG gunner in the Pakistani Brush Pattern Camo in front of a Sloppy Jalopy made BMP.

These are my first two, I got a slew more to paint along with the PLO/Amal forces. I really enjoyed the models, more master work from Paul Hicks!

More to come!


  1. Nice work, there's some serious facial hair on these guys!

  2. Very nice work there. I have some of these myself, which will be appearing as Cubans when I can motivate myself to paint them.

  3. Looking good, your project nears completion...


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