Back of Beyond, Where Heroes Dare!

Another fun game of Where Heroes Dare! this time in Warlord China in the 1920's. The Mad Baron Ungern Von Sternberg makes a raid on a Tuchun Chinese base where a fresh shipment of ammo has arrived. Tuchun Warlords R Lee and Al Ming lead the Chines forces while myself and Captain ROshon man the Baron's attacking horde.

The rugged Back of Beyond, 1920's China.

Al Ming's Soldiers man the ramparts of their ancestors

The vital trucks and the precious ammo!

R Lee's Chinese take the foreground and guard the trucks.

In come my Monghol Forces, Burakai Khan and his tribesmen advance on the Chinese.

The Chinese ready themselves for the attack as the sound of horses can be heard across the wasteland.

A Big Sword unit advances to meet the Baron's horde.

Shots begin to echo through the rocks as the horde closes on the Chinese.

White Russian Infantry advances to good firing spots while the Tuchun forces on the Wall rain down death on them.

The trucks are almost within reach!

Vicious melee erupts as a Big Sword unit charges the Baron's own Tibetan Bodyguards. It is a desperate fight, but the Baron's men succeed in tearing them down.

Burakai Khan's forces dwindle under the steady fire of the defenders of the Wall. They are forced to hug the wall edge as they advance on the Chinese infantry.

The Baron's force breaks through the other flank to join the fray.

The defenders at the Wall are all that remain of the Chinese, it's up to Al Ming now!

White Russian infantry continues to try to advance.

The remaining Horde Cavalry gather under the Baron's command for a push on the Wall.

The Chinese are finally overcome after another bloody round of hand to hand. The Baron now has the ammo he needs to continue his conquests.

More to come,


  1. Brilliant stuff!
    You've probably covered it before - but where did you get those trucks?

  2. Hey guys, thanks!

    The trucks are from the Disney movie Atlantis toys, I got them cheap in the day and repainted them,


  3. Great report and wonderful minis and terrain as ever

  4. Wow! What a great looking game!!!

  5. Your WHD! reports are top stuff! Write more of them ;-)

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