Lebanon 1982 Terrain for Seek Out, Close With, and Destroy

I started work on some terrain for our SOCWAD Lebanon Games today, the first being some bombed out buildings made from plastic crates at the Dollar Store.

The miniature beside the crate is a 28mm USMC from Mongrel Miniatures
Using a Hacksaw I cut some blasts into the crate. A pair of diagnol cutters helped for this.

For the interior rubble and flooring I used Gator Board which is sturdier than Foam Core and can be snapped into irregular shapes. The matchsticks are from a craft store and are used in the debris.

Now I put pins into the sides of the floors to rest on the plastic lattice work and poured wood glue over them. I added debris from cutoffs and also some aquarium gravel.

Another shot of the front this time. I cut a door way and I want to put some kind of ruined Lebanese sign up, or maybe a picture of Yasser.

Next step will be painting once the glue dries!
More to come,


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