Sci Fi terrain on the Cheap!

I've been working on some Sci Fantasy rules, Fantastic Narrative Science Fiction, and needed some terrain.  Inspired by the old SW game Bounty Hunter with Jango Fett, I decided to make some modular terrain that I could get different configurations out of and here it is:

Materials are yogurt containers, plasticard, electric boxes etc spray painted a terracotta for the base coat.

 Another shot

 And now dry brushed tan, black areas were painted on randomly and then also dry brushed silver.

 Some SW CMGs for scale

 Laid out as a base, the fence meshes are pencil organizers from the dollar store.

 Another view

 A dollar store placemat in the center

More to come,


  1. Great use of those mesh pencil bins. I'm straight up steeling that! Everything else looks good as well. Simple and effective.

  2. Marvelous! Especially the mesh...

  3. Those are fantasatic and the colour palette is superb, love it!

  4. Aaaaand... saved! for further use. Great work.


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