Age of Saints Game using Clone Wars minis AAR

I had a chance to run another game of the Sci Fantasy ruleset I'm working on, Age of Saints.  This time we used some Star Wars CMGSs and toys to do a game set in the Clone Wars.  The game took place at the awesome Army Group York club with Chal and The Lead Archivist.

The Republic learns of The Black Sun crime family selling a deadly Gentoxin to the Separatists and goes to their rendering facility on the acid sea world of Rylus IV.

The aforementioned scifi terrain in it's tub, easy transport!

Black Sun gangsters and the drums of Gentoxin

More Gentoxin and gangsters

Droids are also on the table to serve as Valor Points.  These are plot devices that if solved add bonuses to the players and add to the story and objectives.

More gangsters under the control of Chal

Al readies his Republic forces to arrive via Gunship.

The first 10 arrive and disembark via droplines, a Clone trooper is lost to Gangster Snapfire in the process.  General Skywalker takes the lead of the unit.

The gunship has no clear targets, afraid of hitting the Gentox cannisters so leaves to bring in another group of troops.

Gangsters make their way back to the shuttle under heavy Republican fire!

Not everybody makes it!

The Republican swamp speeder enters and attempts to inspect the Gonk droid but is taken out by Gangster fire!

The Gunship brings in another 2 fire teams

The Black Sun shuttle escapes but the cannisters are secured.

IT'S A TRAP!! The CIS spring from their positions to attack the Republic forces.

The Clones take up positions.

Firefights ensue.

Battle droids move forward!

The gunship is taken out by a Vulture droid and crashes to the ground.  The troops manage to bail but are hit with Snapfire!

Assaj Ventress appears to close the trap!!


The Republic forces desperately circle and fire at the Battle droids.

A Gentoxin Canister falls into the acid sea and explodes gas throughout blocking line of sight!!

Droids continue to push forward!!

The Clones begin to take heavy losses and get boxed in.

Fire from all sides

Vulture Droid is taken out!!

But the losses are too heavy for the Republic and Anniken is captured!!

This is another run of the rules I've been working on, Character and Plot driven sci fantasy.  Still some bugs to be resolved but the armor and vehicle rules ran great.  Game play was concluded in about 2 hours with roughly 1 character and 30 miniatures to a side with a couple of vehicles.

More to come,


  1. Awesome batrep. Cool to see so many SW minis being used and in awargame too. Love the use of the vehicles. FInally... that's a LOT of cotton wool! :)

  2. Very cool! It had a fun Star Wars feel, and looked great. It's nice to see the SW minis in use.


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