28mm Masters of the Universe

A side project I’ve been adding to here and there, having just cleared the table from a game night, I decided to get the MOTU stuff out and see what I can do for a future game.

The mat is custom painted fleece that I created and then printed through Walmart. Total price was $45.

Two of the Rotons I sculpted in Tinkercad and had printed in PLA. These files are available on my Thingverse page if you want to give them a go.

 Various scenery bits, some that I’ve bought off Etsy or  at conventions.

A Destructo tank, utilized by Hordak’s forces along with some Crossbows and Catapults pieces for scenery.

The lava flows are textured craft paper painted as lava.

Many of the miniatures you see here are small commission runs done by various enthusiasts.

Quest Miniatures do some excellent versions of the characters.

The bases are from Dragonforge studios Cracked Earth range, EXCELLENT.

This Orko is a magician from Heresy Miniatures

Another view of the Rotons. I use cd spools with magnets attached as flight stands.

Another view of the Destructo tank

This bridge is actually from a fantasy army man style set of toys.

Some more of the Crossbows and Catapults blocks.

A 28mm Monstroid that I sculpted, this is available on Thingverse too.

With Hordak.

More Quest Miniatures

A Windraider arrives. Another sculpture I made that is on Thingiverse.

This is printed in vinyl.

Another view of the table.

Someone about to get the fist!

More to come,


  1. again with the plastic CD holders..love it. as always stuff looks tight man. great job

  2. Looks awesome dude. The blocks really fit in well imo. Great idea!


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