Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back of Beyond, Where Heroes Dare!

Another fun game of Where Heroes Dare! this time in Warlord China in the 1920's. The Mad Baron Ungern Von Sternberg makes a raid on a Tuchun Chinese base where a fresh shipment of ammo has arrived. Tuchun Warlords R Lee and Al Ming lead the Chines forces while myself and Captain ROshon man the Baron's attacking horde.

The rugged Back of Beyond, 1920's China.

Al Ming's Soldiers man the ramparts of their ancestors

The vital trucks and the precious ammo!

R Lee's Chinese take the foreground and guard the trucks.

In come my Monghol Forces, Burakai Khan and his tribesmen advance on the Chinese.

The Chinese ready themselves for the attack as the sound of horses can be heard across the wasteland.

A Big Sword unit advances to meet the Baron's horde.

Shots begin to echo through the rocks as the horde closes on the Chinese.

White Russian Infantry advances to good firing spots while the Tuchun forces on the Wall rain down death on them.

The trucks are almost within reach!

Vicious melee erupts as a Big Sword unit charges the Baron's own Tibetan Bodyguards. It is a desperate fight, but the Baron's men succeed in tearing them down.

Burakai Khan's forces dwindle under the steady fire of the defenders of the Wall. They are forced to hug the wall edge as they advance on the Chinese infantry.

The Baron's force breaks through the other flank to join the fray.

The defenders at the Wall are all that remain of the Chinese, it's up to Al Ming now!

White Russian infantry continues to try to advance.

The remaining Horde Cavalry gather under the Baron's command for a push on the Wall.

The Chinese are finally overcome after another bloody round of hand to hand. The Baron now has the ammo he needs to continue his conquests.

More to come,

Sunday, February 20, 2011


What is the best boardgame EVER?! That's right, MFing Gammarauders
We played this awesome game of the past this weekend with 4 players, it can take up to six. Each player takes turns laying out the hexes to make the game board. After that a city location is chosen for their fortress marker.

Each player begins with a force of Infantry, Hovertanks, Gammajets, and a BIOBORG! A bioborg is a huge, mutated animal that has all kinds of crazy weapons A-Teamed onto it. My personal favorite weapon was the Neo-Nuclear Flamer.

I was Squawwk a Penguinoid @ss beater.

Gruz was the beast of The People's Democratic Republic of Bookmans.

Blip the Teleporturtle was Mongo's and his vicious Eco-Terrorists.

Onko was controlled by Al who set up in a section of the table completely cut off by water. It took more movement to get there and Al had a horde of an army built up that ripped me up and down. I had to fight my way in and then fight my way out to get away. His fortress became known as ALLENGRAD! No one took it from him.

Last image is of Gruz reaping vengeance on the Turtle people for the destruction of their fortress. In the end Gruz did win with lots of shaky alliances and back stabbing, GREAT GAME.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Refugee Shanties for Lebanon 1982

Started work on some of the ramshackle buildings for Lebanon 1982. I'm trying to do these fast and dirty using pre-made boxes as the base. In the instance below it is one of the heavy duty paper mache boxes you can find at a craft store.

The box was cut for doors and then primed black, then dusted with a flat khaki.

Following that I did some rough brushing and then dry brushing with an off white and gun metal to give it that "lived in" look. The block work was actually scribed in, I'm going to put more effort into the next one. About 8 more of these to go!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Lebanon, Modern Ruins 1982 Part 2

More ruins for Lebanon 1982 that will be in my Seek Out, Close With, And Destroy game at Cold Wars.

Here we can see another crate building as I made before, but now with roof intact.

The "roof"of the crate has been removed using a portable jigsaw. It made quick work, I cut about 9 of them in 15 minutes.

Using PVC glue, I glued part of a Popsicle stick into 2 of the corners. They will hold the lid in place.

I drilled holes in the corners of the building floors and inserted nails for support beams. I then cut sturdy plasticard to the floor size.

The card is flexible enough so you can get the floors out. This process was pretty quick, about 10 minutes of actual labor.

A view inside with the floors out. The nails look dangerous, but you would have to be a complete idiot to hurt yourself on them. Let's call them Darwin Beams.

Now with minis inside, fully supported.

Next floor.

A view of the minis inside with the roof on.

Two crates stacked = multiple floors of mayhem! How high do you want to fight?


And Ruin.

More to come,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

USMC 1980's The Root force completed

My USMC Force for Beirut is finished! I would at some point like to add a M60 tank if one ever becomes available for 28mm scale, but this is it for now. All the miniatures are from Mongrel Miniatures available through Newline Designs.

A checkpoint is set up using a LVTP from S & S models.

Team Leader with M203.

M60 in HMG mode.

The entire force, two full squads, command and support elements.

More to come,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

1982 Syrians in Lebanon for SOCWAD

Syrian Forces arrive for the upcoming SOCWAD game at Cold Wars

Here is a sniper in vertical stripe lizard pattern Camo.
The miniatures are from Mongrel Miniatures available at Newline Design Studios

An LMG gunner in the Pakistani Brush Pattern Camo in front of a Sloppy Jalopy made BMP.

These are my first two, I got a slew more to paint along with the PLO/Amal forces. I really enjoyed the models, more master work from Paul Hicks!

More to come!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

1982 Lebanese Rubble for SOCWAD

Painted rubble for the 1982 Lebanon table for the Cold Wars SOCWAD game I am running.
So following up from last post I did a sloppy spray of flat khaki over the ruins, the a light red mist here and there followed by a light grey and white spray misting all with spray paints.

I then used an off white, cream acrylic and did a rough dry brushing over the entire structure.

After the dry brushing I did another light spray of flat black over the 2 large "blast holes" on the sides of the building.

I have a few more of these to make and they will be stackable for high rises. More to do yet, rubble piles, tank smashed cars, some high rises with balconies and I need to finish painting my Arab forces.

More to come,