Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where Heroes Dare! 3 games in 3 hours...

Our Club's own Lead Archivist came over to my lab for what was going to be a single 1,000 point Where Heroes Dare! game, but we ended up doing a small 3 Chapter game within a mere 3 hours!

The forces were the dreaded Zeppelin Pirates led by that siren of the sky, Captain Roxy versus the men of law and order led by Detective Ace Drummond.

The story begins with Ace getting a tip that the recent arsons down at the train yards were actually to drive out any onlookers while a smuggling operation goes down. But smuggling what? Only one way to find out and that is too go Where Heroes Dare!
The Chicago Train Yards

The Zeppelin Pirates drive up in their truck to gather the goods.

Roxy and her boys set up by the water tower and find a clue, a body clutching a note.

The Blue Knights take ground and try to hold off withering fire from the dreaded pirates!

Another view of the train yards.

The coppers deploy to stop the pirates!

The one team of pirates find the goods, a Mad Science Ray Proof Suit, and skidattle!

The other Pirate team makes for an escape!

Shots are exchanged and pirates fall from police rifle fire!

Police advance through the burned out factory.

Drive! Drive!

Roxy survives the firefight, but her men are not so lucky. Less mouths to feed!

Escaping Pirates!

Ace Drummond arrives, but too late to stop the Pirates getaway.

The Pirates won the game with finding the Ray Proof Suit and managing to escape under vicious fire from the Police. "You won't get away with crime in my town!" yelled Ace, "I'll follow you to the ends of the Earth!" And indeed he did.

To be continued...


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Where Heroes Dare! Chapter 1: The Devil in Delphi

With the Delphi table finished it was time to test the game I'm running for the Cold Wars convention and the NLWargamers were kind enough to accomodate. Although it is to be a 2 player scenario, we ran it with everyone having one Character so that all members got a piece of the action.

When last we left Captain Achilles of the US Rocket Corp received a distressed call from Doctor Pangloss who was conducting an archaeological dig at the Oracle of Delphi in Greece, looking for the lost shield of the gods, Aegis. But something sinister had found it's way to his site...

The 2' x 2' Delphi table, some good old measuring rods from Necromunda, and eager players.

The Sinister forces of Kong Fang deploy in the woods, hidden fromour Heroes...

Action! The players begin to move their Characters to the Dare! Locations in hopes of finding clues.

Kumar, Captain Achilles' trusty Companion, advances up the hill to the ruins.

Captain Achilles prepares to jump with his jet pack to the other ruins on the facing hill.

Kong Fang and his Foo Dog lurk by the trucks as Tommy Chung and Ying Fang move toward the hill.

Ying Fang spies Captain Achilles and lobs a Poison Gas Grenade at him, but Achilles quickly dons his helmet with a built in respirator foiling her evil designs!

Meanwhile Kong Fang solves a Dare! Location and finds Doctor Pangloss hiding behind some pottery. "You will serve me now Doctor Pangloss...or you will DIE!"

Tommy Chung fires blindly through the smoke at Captain Achilles, striking him with a slight wound. Captain Achilles fires back with his Custom .45 and throws grenades that bounce off the rocks around the mad submachine gunner. Ying Fang slinks up the hill while attention is elsewhere...

Kong Fang makes his way up toward the ruins with the Doctor in tow, but is confronted by Captain Achilles' stalwart companion, Hogan. A Dire Duel ensues. "Prepare to die effete vermin of the West!", shouts Kong Fang as he challenges Hogan to single combat. "Bring it!", retorts Hogan as a whirlwind of Poisoned Blades and Shalalees ensues. Though his shirt, and skirt!, are in tatters, Hogan stands triumphant over the mandarin, but his Foo Dog attacks next bringing vengeance for his fallen master. The Doctor is left being guarded by the Foo Dog with both Hogan and Kong Fang down.

Tommy Chung and Achilles continue to blaze away at each other, both using the rocky cover to their advantage. Ying Fang, seeing her fallen father, moves to take revenge on the white devils!

A truck explodes! Luckily no one was near, but there must always be at least one explosion in a movie!

Ying Fang draws the Poisoned Sword concealed in her silken robes and charges Achilles who tries to shoot her as she dances across the rocks. The Dire Duel is savage as she makes short work of Achilles. Just when she thought he was vanquished, he stirs to get up only to have a final strike with her sword, ending the duel. Her father would be proud.

The final scene. Kumar slays the beastial Foo Dog in vicious hand to hand and takes the Doctor up to the final Dare! Location that must be the shield, but is pinned by Tommy Chung's submachine gun fire and forced to seek cover in the ruins. Ying Fang, covered in the blood of her enemies and with sword still drawn, charges up the hill and locks in mortal combat with Kumar. Ying Fang attempts to stun Kumar with her vixen charms, but Kumar is a Cold Fish and transcends all the ways of a woman leaving no recourse but bloody melee. Both fight like caged tigers tearing at each other until finally Kumar falls leaving both the Aegis Shield and the Doctor in her possession. A win for the forces of evil, but the weed of evil bears bitter fruit...

We had a good time playing this out, lots of action and we finished in a little over an hour so had plenty of time to spin yarns and recap the madness :)

To be continued...


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Devil in Delphi Part 2...

Next part of the Where Heroes Dare! Delphi board construction are the ruins and free standing terrain items to flesh it out for Adventure.

I used foamcore for the base of the ruins and blue and white foam on top. The pillars were cylinders cut from 2 inch thick blue foam sheets and then scored vertically with a pen cap to rib them. They were then distressed with a utility knife and scored horizontally to form their "stacks". The foam ruins were glued using wood glue and then given a coat of plaster that was dabbled on to create more texture. After the plaster cured a mixture of aquarium sand, wood glue and water was applied to the ruins. Using a spoon I poured coarse sand and crushed shells around the ruin edges to create more detail. I then applied a second layer of wood glue and water to seal it.

Foam pillars after they had been scored.

Foam block ruins.

Another view of the pillars with a Copplestone figure for scale.

Now the painting! I first laid out my palette on a piece of trash bag. My colors were Black, Terracotta, and Olive green. I mixed the olive green with the black and used that as an overall base coat. I then randomly dabbed on some terracotta here and there for variance. I then loaded a new palette; White, Cream, and Payne's Grey. I use a mixture of these to roughly brush highlights on the still tacky base coat. I would go back with some straight white and do a rough dry brush to pick out more highlights.

Last but not least I flocked with static grass some of the still tacky areas.

Kong Fang beside a Disney Atlantis toy truck and some lichen bushes.

Kong Fang's Dacoits advance.

Captain Achilles to the rescue!

The Professor and his Daughter.

The Dare! Locations have been made using washers and a cheap bag of beads.
Next will be the play test of the game.

Stay tuned...


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chapter 1: The Devil at Delphi...

For Cold Wars 2010 I'm going to run a 3 Chapter Where Heroes Dare story on a number of different sized tables and different sized forces.

The first chapter is set in Delphi and below you can see the 2 ft x 2 ft board I have started. I began with blue foam and carved out with a utility knife the rock formations, road, and the ditch. Next came plaster painted on with a brush and stippled to create texture. Once that dried I began coating with a mix of wood glue and water, just a little thick, and began sprinkling in coarse sand, crushed shells, and gravel. Below is the result of these steps:

Following the above treatments I painted everything a base brown with a lighter tan for the dirt road. I then went over the ground and rock areas with a reddish brown with a rough brushing motion. The road I dry brushed with lighter tans, off white , and finally white in some areas. I then went back to the ground areas and began dry brushing in highlights with lighter browns and picked some white areas for natural variety. Now it was time to lay out some grass with an olive green and a rough brush. After all this dried I took thinned down wood glue mixed with water to the grass areas and applied a blend of static grass. Around the rock edges I put down some more grit with the same watered down glue and in some of the crevices I added rough turf in the same manner. Below is the result:

An unfinished figure from Copplestone Castings for scale:

Next up will be some free standing ruins and other items that will be on small bases to place on the board. Some of these will also be Dare! locations for the game.

To Be Continued...


Monday, November 16, 2009

Coming Soon...Lost Shield of the Gods

hat was it that Professor Pangloss was so excited about on the phone? The lost shield of the gods? Something about his latest dig at the Delphic Oracle in Greece and strangers near the excavation site. "Hurry, you must come quick!", were the last words before the phone went dead. Only one way to find out and that's to go Where Heroes Dare!

Coming soon to Cold Wars 2010...


Friday, November 13, 2009

Team Building in Where Heroes Dare!

Now that Where Heroes Dare has hit the stands so to speak, it’s time to look at team building. The following article is an example of how to make your forces up for Where Heroes Dare! and how to personalize them to your own character. The first step is for the players to agree on a set number of points. The article below is for my nefarious forces of the Chinese Mastermind, Kong Fang who will begin with a 600 pt force.

Kong Fang and his Foo Dog

So we begin! I will start with the Lead Character of all this diabolical evil, Kong Fang himself. I’m going to stick to the Pulp and Movie serial archetype of the Mandarin Menace and make him more of a mystic and alchemist, someone who shuns the decadent sciences of the West. I have a total of 70 points worth of Abilities I can take so I’ll stat him out with a greater lean toward his mental prowess with a high Moxie and give him ample skill in Dire Duels. This totals out to 61 points for his abilities.

Next will be the 50 pts of Shticks he is allowed and here is where we see him taken even more shape. I’m going to go with an Animal Companion which will be his Foo Dog, (we’ll get to him next) for 20 pts, an Eerie Laugh for another 20 pts, and Astounding Mind to help him with all those Dare! locations. This uses the full 50 pts worth of Shticks allowed to him.

Last but not least are his Gadgets and Gear, which he has an allowance of 75 pts. First thing he will need is a weapon and I picture him with a dagger dripping with poison in those silk robes, then a Mystic Shroud, and finally a Mystic Talisman that brings him to a total of 71 pts.

The grand total of points for Kong Fang is 182 pts towards the team’s total:

Why did we choose Animal Companion for old Fang anyhow? Well in the Pulps and Serials the Eastern Mastermind often employed exotic and deadly animals bred to kill for their master and what better beast from the East than a Foo Dog?! Now if you look there is no Foo Dog listed in Where Heroes Dare! so I’m going to use the same stats as a Lion which is allowed by the Animal Companion Shtick and which adds another 43 points to the teams total bringing it now to 225 points.

Ying Fang, Kong Fang's Demon Daughter

Everyone knows a family business can be the best business model even if the business is world conquest or at least the destruction of the West and who better to help than your daughter? Ying Fang is our next addition as a Companion Character to help her wicked father. She gets to start with 60 points of abilities and I think we’ll make her a little more balanced than old man Fang leaving her with a total of 56 points.

Now Shticks, and as a the ever alluring Femme Fatale she will have to have Get A Load of Her!, Ace with a Blade for her martial prowess, and lastly Brawler which makes her one tough fortune cookie in Dire Duels. Her Shticks total at 20 points, the full allowance.

A lady needs her things and Ying is no exception. We will give her a sword hidden in those robes and make the robes Ablative Clothing to tie in with her beauty :) Of course we’ll add some Poison, Throwing Knives, and Poison Gas Grenades all for 36 points.

This brings Ying to 112 points for her entire Character total and the Team’s total to 337 points.

Minions! You want to be a boss, your going to need some minions so up next is a group of two Supporters that will have all the same Abilities, Shticks, and Gear.

Pistol toting minions

The Abilities are geared toward shooting since we are going to give them pistols and we come up with 45 points each for the Abilities total.

Shticks will be No Fear and Cold Fish so that they won’t be distracted easily. 10 points each.

Gear will be basic, a pistol and a knife. 4 points each.

So the total for our pistol toting minions is 59 points each or 118 points together which bumps our team total up to 455 points.

So we still have some more points to spend, lets put in two more minions that are built for Dire Duels. Abilities for these guys come out to 38 points each.

Dire Duel minions

Shticks will just be Mad Dog Rage for 5 points each.

Gear will be Knives and Chains for 4 points each.

This puts these bruisers at 47 points each or 94 total toward the teams total points making it 549 points.

Just a few points left, lets add in a submachine gunner as another minion.

SMG Gunner

We need to have his Abilities stripped down so he will be 29 points total for his Abilities.

No points left for Shticks! so 0 points here.

Gear will be his trusty Thompson submachine gun at 20 points.

This adds up to 49 points for our Tommy Gunner and a grand team total of 598 points, just under our 600 points we agreed to!

Now the sinister Kong Fang can take his servants with him in his fight against the opulent West!

Where to go from here…besides adventures :) Well there are pieces I intend to add to this force, maybe some Terracotta Warriors using the Robot Servant rules or a body guard for Ying (she does need to be supervised!). Plenty of areas to expand Fang’s forces. Me, I plan to add some other Animal Companions to swap out old Foo and add some more minions, both shooters and hatchet men. Stay tuned for more action, Where Heroes Dare!