Fall In Disposable Heroes Game

Good time and first time at Fall In for me. Below are some pics from the Panzer Lehr 1944 game that Iron Ivan Keith ran as a demo game. Lots of fun. Keith and I were the Germans trying to escape off the table edge from Chal and Rob's Americans.

Normandy 1944

Sergeant Chal begins the American deployment

Hauptmann Keith's Germans advance while I set up a flank

My 234 smokes an American Half track

Keith's HQ destroys a Greyhound

German armor takes heavy fire!

My Germans turn a flank

The Americans fire from the stone wall, the Bazooka disables my 234

Sgt. Chal's death dealers at the end of the road


  1. Wow, these are some great pics! I love the angles and the effects. That was a fun game and I thank you for sacrificing your command so I could get my boys off the table, haha!

    Chal and Rob both put up a good fight though with Chal flanking and Rob's base of fire.

    I did get to smoke his sneaky M8 which if it had gotten off board it would have brought a whole new swarm of Amis down on us!


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