Where Heroes Dare! 3 games in 3 hours...

Our Club's own Lead Archivist came over to my lab for what was going to be a single 1,000 point Where Heroes Dare! game, but we ended up doing a small 3 Chapter game within a mere 3 hours!

The forces were the dreaded Zeppelin Pirates led by that siren of the sky, Captain Roxy versus the men of law and order led by Detective Ace Drummond.

The story begins with Ace getting a tip that the recent arsons down at the train yards were actually to drive out any onlookers while a smuggling operation goes down. But smuggling what? Only one way to find out and that is too go Where Heroes Dare!
The Chicago Train Yards

The Zeppelin Pirates drive up in their truck to gather the goods.

Roxy and her boys set up by the water tower and find a clue, a body clutching a note.

The Blue Knights take ground and try to hold off withering fire from the dreaded pirates!

Another view of the train yards.

The coppers deploy to stop the pirates!

The one team of pirates find the goods, a Mad Science Ray Proof Suit, and skidattle!

The other Pirate team makes for an escape!

Shots are exchanged and pirates fall from police rifle fire!

Police advance through the burned out factory.

Drive! Drive!

Roxy survives the firefight, but her men are not so lucky. Less mouths to feed!

Escaping Pirates!

Ace Drummond arrives, but too late to stop the Pirates getaway.

The Pirates won the game with finding the Ray Proof Suit and managing to escape under vicious fire from the Police. "You won't get away with crime in my town!" yelled Ace, "I'll follow you to the ends of the Earth!" And indeed he did.

To be continued...



  1. Keep the pictures coming. Looks like a bunch of fun. Where can I get some vehicles like those?


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