Chapter 1: The Devil at Delphi...

For Cold Wars 2010 I'm going to run a 3 Chapter Where Heroes Dare story on a number of different sized tables and different sized forces.

The first chapter is set in Delphi and below you can see the 2 ft x 2 ft board I have started. I began with blue foam and carved out with a utility knife the rock formations, road, and the ditch. Next came plaster painted on with a brush and stippled to create texture. Once that dried I began coating with a mix of wood glue and water, just a little thick, and began sprinkling in coarse sand, crushed shells, and gravel. Below is the result of these steps:

Following the above treatments I painted everything a base brown with a lighter tan for the dirt road. I then went over the ground and rock areas with a reddish brown with a rough brushing motion. The road I dry brushed with lighter tans, off white , and finally white in some areas. I then went back to the ground areas and began dry brushing in highlights with lighter browns and picked some white areas for natural variety. Now it was time to lay out some grass with an olive green and a rough brush. After all this dried I took thinned down wood glue mixed with water to the grass areas and applied a blend of static grass. Around the rock edges I put down some more grit with the same watered down glue and in some of the crevices I added rough turf in the same manner. Below is the result:

An unfinished figure from Copplestone Castings for scale:

Next up will be some free standing ruins and other items that will be on small bases to place on the board. Some of these will also be Dare! locations for the game.

To Be Continued...



  1. OMG must playtest!!!

    I'll probably be running two games on Saturday for ColdWars so I won't be able to play at the Con. I *must* play on this board before then.

  2. HA, ok, ok we'll set something up. This one is small enough that I can drag it up to your house, let the kids play while we fight in Greek ruins :)



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