The Devil in Delphi Part 2...

Next part of the Where Heroes Dare! Delphi board construction are the ruins and free standing terrain items to flesh it out for Adventure.

I used foamcore for the base of the ruins and blue and white foam on top. The pillars were cylinders cut from 2 inch thick blue foam sheets and then scored vertically with a pen cap to rib them. They were then distressed with a utility knife and scored horizontally to form their "stacks". The foam ruins were glued using wood glue and then given a coat of plaster that was dabbled on to create more texture. After the plaster cured a mixture of aquarium sand, wood glue and water was applied to the ruins. Using a spoon I poured coarse sand and crushed shells around the ruin edges to create more detail. I then applied a second layer of wood glue and water to seal it.

Foam pillars after they had been scored.

Foam block ruins.

Another view of the pillars with a Copplestone figure for scale.

Now the painting! I first laid out my palette on a piece of trash bag. My colors were Black, Terracotta, and Olive green. I mixed the olive green with the black and used that as an overall base coat. I then randomly dabbed on some terracotta here and there for variance. I then loaded a new palette; White, Cream, and Payne's Grey. I use a mixture of these to roughly brush highlights on the still tacky base coat. I would go back with some straight white and do a rough dry brush to pick out more highlights.

Last but not least I flocked with static grass some of the still tacky areas.

Kong Fang beside a Disney Atlantis toy truck and some lichen bushes.

Kong Fang's Dacoits advance.

Captain Achilles to the rescue!

The Professor and his Daughter.

The Dare! Locations have been made using washers and a cheap bag of beads.
Next will be the play test of the game.

Stay tuned...



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