The Lost Photos of the Dinosaur Valley Hunt

A few weeks back we used some modified Where Heroes Dare! rules to do a hunt for the Great Ape in Dinosaur Valley with some intrepid adventurers from across the globe. Mark Kinsey chronicled the same game, quite better than me I might add :), here:

But here are my photos with a view from the Spaniards attempt to claim glory for the crown.

Highlights included the Spanish killing the Great Ape, but many were driven into the ground like tent posts by the beast. Roy from team America used Animal Summoning and gained a Velociraptor Companion. The British took the spoils of the Americans and advanced on the Germans who fought for several rounds against the sole surviving Spaniard. In the end the Americans claimed the most Victory points having found the Professor's lost daughter.


Peirot stands alone!

An armadillo lies dead...for no reason at all...

Americans on the move!

A fateful clash, Germans versus the Spanish!

The British take the spoils!

Americans regroup


British fire

"Ve claim this anklosaurus in the name of the Kaiser!"
Mark's awesome jungle table
The Americans advance

Askaris on the move


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