Made for Sin, 28mm Thundermachine and Aussie Femme Fatale

Adding a few more pieces to my pulp 80s collection, this time by way of a swamp mercenary and a mad max like assault vehicle.

Wild Weasel arrives in the swamp to deliver orders and cash to Zarana.

It's all there, you can count it.

A close up of the gal and a gator.

Every girl needs a ride. Added a custom front plate.

Another view

Back shot, the Thundermachine is a 3D print in SLA.

More to come,


  1. Excellent work Doktor Merkury. :)

    You have made me realise that I *need* a Thunder Machine. :)

  2. Thanks! These were fun to paint. Just need a swamp ninja and some bikers yet.


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