28mm Modern Building interiors

I had a chance to pickup a few pieces for my modern installation at the Cold Wars convention by way of Crooked Dice and Ainsty.

Sarge shows up for his annual in the Med bay at The Pit.

"This isn't being recorded is it Lifeline?"

The security camera is from TT Combat with a tiny rare earth magnet on the end. I put a thick paper clip close to surface of the foamcore so it will hold fast to the wall.

"Nothing to worry about Sarge, I just need a sample"

"That's not the sample I needed!"

Meanwhile Firefly plants the charges in the power room.

The wall pieces from Ainsty make great objectives.

And in the R and D wing of The Pit-

Dr. Burkhart recreates the Brainwave Scanner with the help of Snake Eyes.

More to come,


  1. These are great. These would all look awesome in the Crooked Dice secret base set.

    1. Thanks! Yeah I like the desks and chairs in the new sets BUT especially the globe 😀


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