28mm 1980s Pulp, SAW Viper and Outback Conversions.

I got a couple more conversion pieces done for my 1980s Pulp forces.

First, Outback for the Joes. He was the Joe survival specialist and although I did not have the figure as a kid, he is still very cool.

My Outback started as a MaxiMini Jungle trooper, same pack that I used to convert a Croc Master and Roadblock from. Here I added a beard, straps etc with green stuff. A pretty basic conversion.

SAW Viper was more work:

Again another figure I did not own but I did read the comic where he was introduced. Known for as the first Cobra soldier to kill Joes, he quickly gained infamy in the Joe lore.

I did the head first, based off a Mad Robot plain head, that I added the details too.

I did the head separate so I could just add it to a body later.

The body I used was a Khurasan 28mm scifi heavy gunner. I lobbed off the head, filed off the back pack, and green stuffed the vest.

The backpack is a tooled up piece of bits from an old tamiya model.

The ammo belt was made with green stuff.


So I decided to do a little rumble in the park for some pictures of the painted models.

The SAW Viper lays down suppressive fire while the Vipers advance.

The shell casings are snipped brass rod.

A back view showing the details.

Outback and Shockwave take cover behind a dumpster.

Selective fire!

Only a few left!

More to come,


  1. These are both awesome. I have my own Outback to paint up

  2. Thanks! You have a Hasslefree conversion for Outback right?

  3. Absolutely loving the "Action Force" love!!! (thats what GI Joe was in the uk originally)


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