Cold Wars 2018 Votoms style mech game using Age of Saints

ran a commemorative game of sorts for our late Lead Archivist, Allen.

Looking around the Con I saw a lot of people that reminded me of Al. The game I ran used miniatures that Al passed on to me and others in the club, and as always I would have sooner had him there rolling dice with me than simply having his things.

But moving onward I think I did him a solid.

Below is the table set up for the game. Cold Wars marked my game as an "Ambassador" game meaning that it would be good for people new to the hobby, -but they put me in a room with zero foot traffic and although all my spots were signed up for, only one player showed.

The table

Forces start deployed on the table edges.

First blood, one of my mech's are rendered immobile under a hail of fire and my pilot bails.

Forces advance to seize objectives.

Fire is exchanged down the lane.

The opfor sets up on a flank.

A cross fire

My light mech attempts to flank closing forces.

And my other mech seizes a crane walker as a body shield.

The recon mech gets smoked.

Not much left on my end. I think my stategy was sound but got outflanked constantly and could NOT make my lock rolls to save my life.

And this mech got the hero award, the pilot who bailed, rallied, reentered and immobilized, burning mech and continue to fire until finally destroyed completely.

More to come,


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