Defending the Rig!

Last of the 3 part mission has the Joes now defending the captured rig from cobra forces. Rolls were made to successfully repair the damaged turret from the previous game.

Firefly's assault team makes a strafing run in the Cobra Skycrane.

The chin turret sprays down the rigs 120mm gun but fails to take it out.

The moray approaches at high speed and attacks with missiles and the 23mm gun. The Joes end up killing the gunner with small arms fire.

The chopper is hosed down with small arms fire forcing the pilot to recover control to avoid crashing.

The moray advances and tries to destroy the 120mm turret with rocket fire.

But instead is hit square by it! Ship destroyed.

The Baronness, preciously hit with small arms fire in the FANG, drops off two Cobra soldiers and wounds another Joe.

But she is shot down by Beachhead and Dukes team kills the other two. 

With that Cobra called it a loss.

Fun series of games using a lot of different mechanics, from air support to water craft to stealth!

More to come,


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was a lot of fun using both water craft and aircraft.

  2. I find Plastic wine glasses from "Poundland" make excellent flying stands.

    But the whole battle looks fantastic and well worth showing.

  3. Great game report- takes me back to my childhood.




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