Second 1980s pulp mission, attacking the rig. 

This mission picks up after the Joes captured the ARBCO Star freighter and now are able to use it as a launch point for attacking the Cobra held oil rig.

Joe forces, a SHARC, Killer Whale and the assault team on the freighter.  The joes need to take out the radar, antennae, and secure the command center.

Destro has a small garrison of Cobra soldiers on duty on the rig along with a SNAKE and automated 120mm guns.

A look at the rig

The Killer Whale shells the troops on the rig while the SHARC runs strafing attacks.

Spirits team from the freighter assaults one of the 120mm guns.

Cobra soldiers fire on the Joes

Soldiers shoot the assaulting Joes and the Killer Whale shells them in return!

More Cobra firing

Shipwrecks team enters through the back door as the 120mm guns begin shooting at them.

Joe jump pack troops land and begin assaulting from the top down.

Destro sends the SNAKE to sweep the roof of Joes

Several Brigadiers go down.

The SHARC takes out the 120mm gun

The Whale hits the SNAKE

Shipwrecks team comes up through the floor below and Snake Eyes carves up Destro in hand to hand.  The control center is secured.

More to come,


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