Assault on the ARBCO Star

Today myself, Rlee, KINZO Slice and the Captain ran through a 3 part 80s pulp game set in the GI Joe universe.

Mission 1: Secure the ARBCO Star.  The Joes Intel shows that Cobra is moving arms and equipment to an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico via the freighter.

The Joes are tasked with taking control of the Bridge, the Engine room and the weapons locker.

Stealth rules are in effect with spotting checks needed to see the 4 Joe insertion teams. Cobra is tasked with spotting the Joes, sounding the general alarm, sending a distress beacon, and activating the BATs in the weapons locker.

Cobra players deploy their guards, Major Bludd starts in the Bridge.

Fred VII is in the Engine room with a CG

Joe team led by Scarlett scales the side of the ship without detection.

Below deck the Cobra troopers move to the weapons locker, still no alarm.

Snake Eyes and Shipwrecks team arrive on the prow to make their way below deck.

A Cobra soldier comes out of the lower Bridge and spots some of the Joes, HERE IT COMES!

Fred and the CG move to cover the engine room stairs.

Snake Eyes ginzus a Cobra soldier into ribbons!

Major Bludd holds off a double entry attack, firing his rocket pistol only to miss but alerts the crew.

Below deck the Cobra soldier fails to sound the general alarm repeatedly and also fails to activate the BATs. Twice.

Scarlett's team finishes off Bludd and moves to secure the engine room.

The remaining crew attempt to storm the prow, killing a Steel Brigadier but die under the fire of the Joes and Snake Eyes blades.

The stage is set for Mission 2

More to come,


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