Enter, Dr Mindbender! 28mm 1980s Pulp Mad Scientist

I recently completed a conversion project for my Pulp 1980s project.

I was first exposed to Dr. Mindbender in the GI Joe comics where he was the creator of the BATs and the Joes navigated a junkyard maze filled with them. Later in the Cartoon series he became the mad scientist and even foil to Cobra Commander.

I worked my way up from a Reaper minis blank with green stuff.

A Reaper pistol and hand is added and a new head that was originally a bald head from Mad Robot that a monocle and a lush mustache was added to.

The other hand is sculpted separated and then pinned on.

Cape added

Some paint added

A little verbal sparring between a former used car salesman and a former orthodontist!

Close up view of old Fender Bender.

Back view, still need to learn how to do capes better.

Uneasy allies...

More to come,


  1. Wow that is awesome dude. Both conversion and paint job!

    1. Thanks! I still need to work on doing capes, that was the hardest part out of the whole thing for me. That and being patient with the process!


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