15mm Scifi additions

I got a few more pieces finished up for my miscellaneous 15mm scifi collection.  I use the stuff I have for everything from RPGs to tabletop games.

The VTOLs are repaints from Matchbox. Miniatures are from Splintered Light and an Old Glory 15mm Superfigs character.

Another view. Crates and barrels are 3D prints.

Too side view.

More to come,


  1. These look rather cool mate. Lovely little vehicles.

  2. Thanks! I plan on using them mostly as just civilian scatter terrain or objectives.

  3. Very nice work Doctor Merkury. :)

    Although 15mm is not my thing, I am always impressed with hobbyists that tackle minis of that size. :)

  4. Thanks! I get sucked into the scale every now and then. The most use the stuff gets is for RPGs for me. The scale makes it very portable.

  5. What kind of Matchbox toys are them? Can you give me the collection year and the exact name?


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