15mm Mecha Sea Station assault

I got together with a friend to try out a possible scenario for the approaching Cold Wars Convention next month.  The scenario is an attacking force that enters submerged onto the table attempts to seize 5 different objective points at the station.

The overall table.

Some of the attacking forces.


A view of the landing pad and some of the objectives.

More defenders. They have 4 Mechs total and some infantry vs double that number of attackers.

The water table.

Another view

Some gun installations. These are from Battletech but scale fine for 15mm.

Attackers surface, fire and deploy foggers to provide concealment.

A mech is hit through the smoke by a defending mech, damaging his power drive which sends him off the dock edge, without mobility, to sink to a watery grave. This will be a reoccurring nightmare for the attackers!

Crossfire from another defending mech.

Foggers deploy.

More approaching submerged forces...

Multiple attackers fire to little effect, then fog for cover.

More incoming submerged units...

The attackers are driven back after only killing a hard suit infantry soldier.

More drive hits to the Mecha as they knock into each other and tumble back into the sea.

Attacking infantry advance with drive armor.

Another group attempts to flank

The defenders hold steady, smoking the attackers

Attacking drive armor is shot and explodes taking infantry with it.

Fog is deployed in desperation by the attackers.

In the end the defenders were barely touched, leading us to think we need to increase the number of attackers or allow them to respawn making it more of a meat grinder game.

More to come,


  1. WoW! That looked like a massacre of the attackers. Great looking game just the same and hope to see more.


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