The Oktober Guard

Finished my 28mm Pulp Warsaw Pact counterparts, The Oktober Guard.  Below are some shots with armor parked out front of Destro's Silent Castle.

Horrorshow and the 6 wheeler ATV the Guard uses, not sure that it was ever named.

Back, I added some stowage and other effects to the 3D print of the AFV.

Here with some Mongrel Minis 1980s Soviet passengers.

Colonel Brekhov and Schrage with a Sloppy Jalopy BTR-60B APC.

Another view.

Stormavik and a Sloppy Jalopy BMP-1 afv 

Another view.


Daina with a Sloppy Jalopy T62.

Back view.

More to come,


  1. They all look cracking dude. Love all the vehicles. Something to shoot at with those missiles in the previous post!

  2. Thanks! This will open it up for some 3 player games, each with their own objectives.


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