28mm Scale Guide for 3D Prints

The following is a guide I'll be adding to, displaying a 28mm figure with 3D prints and their scales that they were printed at:

A Shapeways VAMP and a Thingverse Stinger. The VAMP is listed as 28mm and the Stinger was printed at 36%. They are both match size very well.

The APC was sized to 36% and the Mobat is at 45%. Both are printed in PLA.

Wolverine is printed at 45% in PLA.

Firebat is 45% print in Resin.

Whirlwind and HAL at 36% in PLA.

ASP printed at 36% in PLA

Moccasin printed at 36% in PLA. In hindsight, I think I would have gone 45% for this model.

SHARC scaled at 45% in PLA.

Cobra Moray, 45% in PLA. I had to remake the upper 20mm gun using nails and small beads, but beyond that it came out great.

More to come,


  1. 3D printing has been the next thing I am going to get round to at my local FabLab for months. Maybe I will give it a look next time I'm down there.

  2. It's a boon for this kind of subject matter. Lots of great artists out there contributing models.

  3. I had so many of these as a kid!!! love it


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