28mm Mongrel Miniatures 9th Rota Russians

Finally completed a lonnnnng project, the 9th Rota miniatures set from Mongrel Miniatures. The miniatures are based off of the movie by the same name covering a Soviet Airborne platoon in Afghanistan during the Russian occupation.  The miniatures were a lot of fun to paint, lots of character.

Fire team

Another view. Notice the mix of equipment.

An argument with some locals, also from Mongrel Miniatures.

Suppressing fire.

And a mop up.

Command and a BMP. Notice the tanker reading the map, another nice character model from MM.

Close up.

Moving out.

Scanning for the air transport.

Two of my favorite civilians, especially the "picker" 😂

More to come,


  1. Looking good. I really hope whoever has the molds for MM gets a round to releasing the whole raneed again

  2. Thanks! Yeah I've been waiting to see Badger Games launch their website with the figures, but still nothing yet. I'd like to get some of their Israelis and maybe more VDV.

  3. Great figs! Badger was selling Mongrel figs at Historicon and if you email them I think they would do business.

  4. I'm hoping to see them show up at Fall In this year.


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