Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Spanish Civil War, in 28mm

I was taking some pictures of stuff out of my collections and decided to put up some of my SCW stuff.

Moving up through the groves, Abe Lincolns from Empress Miniatures

A miliciano  with a Tzinao.  Militia man by Empress, Tzinao by Force of Arms.

Milicianas on the road.  Empress Miniatures and a Force of Arms bus.

 Peninsular Army HMG team looking for Moscas

A few Asaltos with a FA 1 armored car.  All by Force of Arms

IBer's on the move with a T26 all by Empress Miniatures

On the road to Alcazar, Empress Miniatures with an old HLBS CA 1.

More to come,

Monday, April 28, 2014

MLC-3 or how I plan to use old Star Wars toys

I had a find at a local flea market:

The MLC-3, an old SW toy from the Empire Strikes Back that was never in the movie, but was WAY cool.

So here is the same toy beside some of the SW CMGs:

 Scale doesn't look completely out

 In fact it looks like a good fit

 Interior shots

 I removed all the stickers

So the next step on this little side project is to paint it. I think I'm going to keep the glass dome, that's no less ridiculous than the turret on the AT-TE.

More to come,

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Gamma World 4th Edition AAR, Trouble In the Big E!

Had Captain ROshon and  Kinzo Slice over for a run through the 4th ed Gamma World for a pre Easter  RPG night!

Kinzo became the Cryokinetic sentient Plant and ROshon became an Android Regenerate to form the mighty Gamma Terra team.

The adventure begins with the sounds of a struggle heard from Guds Sposal, an area known to harbor danger.  I used a series of Google Map grabs of local areas with a grid thrown on top to use as battle maps.  VERY happy with the results.

A Dabber with his droid fending off two Badders! I use Splintered Light, GZG, and Rebel Minis.

Our heroes enter the fray!  Kinzo attacks using his thorny tentacles while ROshon advances in cover.

ROshon clamps down his steel grip and tears off the Badder's head!  The other Badder is finished by Kinzo and the first Encounter ends.

En route to the next location the heroes are attacked by a Blaaash!  ROshon uses his Omegatech Flamethrower and torches it with the help of Kinzo.  Good too, because the radiation blasts were deadly!

Now outside of Stratsborg, the heroes fight a Menarl outside of the Iron Yard.

The Menarl nearly takes out Kinzo, but ROshon clamps down on the Menarl and chokes it to death!!

The big finally, the heroes face the god of the Menarls, an Arn!

ROshon is put down by a fire blast, but Kinzo kills the beast with repeated hits from his Omegatech Laser Helmet to become the new god of the Menarls!

I left out a lot of the plot here, lots of fun stuff and all to a conclusion in about 3 hours of great play.  Reaallly love these rules!

More to come,

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

28mm Pulp in Egypt Sale!

Yet another group of 28mm minis for sale.


Various manufacturers, Reaper, Pulp Figures, West Wind, etc all painted, based, sealed and ready for action!

28 miniatures total for $160 plus shipping


Sunday, April 6, 2014


Late War German Platoon

Great collection all painted to historical reference. Artizan miniatures and new millennium OOP 1/50 tanks some repaints with decals

40 miniatures and 6 vehicles

Sniper team
Panzershrek team
2 rifle squads
1 rifle section
Mortar team
HMG team
Wirblewind repainted
2x Panzer IVs repainted
Staff car

$500 plus shipping