The Spanish Civil War, in 28mm

I was taking some pictures of stuff out of my collections and decided to put up some of my SCW stuff.

Moving up through the groves, Abe Lincolns from Empress Miniatures

A miliciano  with a Tzinao.  Militia man by Empress, Tzinao by Force of Arms.

Milicianas on the road.  Empress Miniatures and a Force of Arms bus.

 Peninsular Army HMG team looking for Moscas

A few Asaltos with a FA 1 armored car.  All by Force of Arms

IBer's on the move with a T26 all by Empress Miniatures

On the road to Alcazar, Empress Miniatures with an old HLBS CA 1.

More to come,


  1. Great photos! SCW is a favourite of mine! ¡No Pasaran!

  2. Thanks! I add a little to the collection each year, more to come.


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