MLC-3 or how I plan to use old Star Wars toys

I had a find at a local flea market:

The MLC-3, an old SW toy from the Empire Strikes Back that was never in the movie, but was WAY cool.

So here is the same toy beside some of the SW CMGs:

 Scale doesn't look completely out

 In fact it looks like a good fit

 Interior shots

 I removed all the stickers

So the next step on this little side project is to paint it. I think I'm going to keep the glass dome, that's no less ridiculous than the turret on the AT-TE.

More to come,


  1. Wow! I remember having one of those, I think. Long since gone to the Great Jumble Sale in the sky, sadly.

  2. I wonder what happened to my one of those?

  3. Love to snag one of those for my supers gaming...make a great vehicle!

  4. Great find! That is good fit for the Star Wars minis. Reusing toys can be a ton of fun.


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