Gamma World 4th Edition AAR, Trouble In the Big E!

Had Captain ROshon and  Kinzo Slice over for a run through the 4th ed Gamma World for a pre Easter  RPG night!

Kinzo became the Cryokinetic sentient Plant and ROshon became an Android Regenerate to form the mighty Gamma Terra team.

The adventure begins with the sounds of a struggle heard from Guds Sposal, an area known to harbor danger.  I used a series of Google Map grabs of local areas with a grid thrown on top to use as battle maps.  VERY happy with the results.

A Dabber with his droid fending off two Badders! I use Splintered Light, GZG, and Rebel Minis.

Our heroes enter the fray!  Kinzo attacks using his thorny tentacles while ROshon advances in cover.

ROshon clamps down his steel grip and tears off the Badder's head!  The other Badder is finished by Kinzo and the first Encounter ends.

En route to the next location the heroes are attacked by a Blaaash!  ROshon uses his Omegatech Flamethrower and torches it with the help of Kinzo.  Good too, because the radiation blasts were deadly!

Now outside of Stratsborg, the heroes fight a Menarl outside of the Iron Yard.

The Menarl nearly takes out Kinzo, but ROshon clamps down on the Menarl and chokes it to death!!

The big finally, the heroes face the god of the Menarls, an Arn!

ROshon is put down by a fire blast, but Kinzo kills the beast with repeated hits from his Omegatech Laser Helmet to become the new god of the Menarls!

I left out a lot of the plot here, lots of fun stuff and all to a conclusion in about 3 hours of great play.  Reaallly love these rules!

More to come,


  1. Very cool, I loved Gamma World back in the day. It would be fun to revisit it and play some scenarios.

    The google maps prints were a stroke of genius (I should expect that from you!) and consider that idea stolen! Now I just need a big printer...

    1. Thanks! The 4th edition is very fast, light hearted fun.

      Don't worry about a large printer for the maps, I printed them as "tiled" under print options and then used a glue stick to piece them together.

  2. Ah, Gamma World. Good times. Any chance of an appearance by Blern, the Mutant Champion?


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