Monday, July 29, 2013

Macedonians Vs Republican Romans using Chipco

I got together with the great guys at the Army Group York in York pa.

Greg and Steve ran an awesome 6mm Chipco game where I got to co command the Macedonians against Gregs Republican Romans.

The game ran for about 2.5 hrs with lots of maneuvering as both sides deployed deep their cavalry and skirmishers. Many an elephant went crazy on both sides, "STAMPY NO!!!". The Macedonians managed to seize the Roman camp in the 4th turn and it was a downward slide from there for the Romans as the Mac skirmishers cleaned house.

This was my first win in an Ancients game!

Thanks again to Greg and Steve, might have to have a look at some 6mm lead...


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Michael Mann Meets Ethan Allen

So I picked up some erasers that are about 28mm scale for $1 a pack at AC Moore. The colors they are in look very 80's condo, like if Miami Vice and Ethan Allen had a baby in your eyes!

I figure as is I could use them for 80's Lebanon or Grenada, or pick up some more and repaint them. They have a number of different packs. I like too that they have a Sony Trinitron tv, the heaviest tv ever made, great for cover! My fiancée made the rug, a great addition!

More to come,


A couple friends came over to play a modified Where Heroes Dare! Game set in the Clone Wars universe.

Scenario was Annikan and Ashoka had captured a Banking Guild official and were waiting for his pick up by a Republican Gunship on turn 4. The Separatists had to prevent this.

General Grievious launched his assault with the tanks going forward supported by the Droids behind them. The Clones held their ground firing missiles into the tanks as fire swept their positions. On turn 3 a flanking force of 4 Super Battle Droids and a Sith Apprentice attack from the tree line charging the Clones holding the Banking Official.

The ARC clones holding the prisoner hosed down the flankers with a Thermic Projector and Annakin swept in to finish the job. Clones win the game.

I want to tinker with this scenario more, maybe add some more details and get Grievious closer to the front for more action.

More to come!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Abanderados! Standard Bearers in the Spanish Civil War

I dug out a few more minis for the SCW and finally got the photos up. I got a few more to do yet, need a Moros flag.

More to come,

Monday, July 1, 2013

Old School Disposable Heroes in Market Garden

I had a chance to dig out some of my WW2 stuff and hash out a quick Arnhem game at the gaming club in York. Objectives were for British Paras to hold buildings and for the Germans to take them.

Some daring work by the Paras as they kept a flame thrower team mobile against the one panzer and the PIAT team against the other. Germans managed to take one building at heavy costs, but lost their commander to persistent sharp shooter fire. Other highlights include a machine gun duel between a vickers and a mg42. A win for the Paras, but hard fought.

More to come,

Point Blank in the Wastelands of Tomorrow!

I was lucky enough to see Keith Stine of Iron Ivan Games run a modified version of Point Blank to throw two factions against each other in the dystopian ashes of a post apocalyptic future.

Scavengers fought Imperials with everything from Hard Drill Suits to zombie wielding Shaman.

Check out Keith's Blog, This Very Blog, for all the highlights!

More to come,