Michael Mann Meets Ethan Allen

So I picked up some erasers that are about 28mm scale for $1 a pack at AC Moore. The colors they are in look very 80's condo, like if Miami Vice and Ethan Allen had a baby in your eyes!

I figure as is I could use them for 80's Lebanon or Grenada, or pick up some more and repaint them. They have a number of different packs. I like too that they have a Sony Trinitron tv, the heaviest tv ever made, great for cover! My fiancée made the rug, a great addition!

More to come,


  1. That is priceless, what a genius idea!

  2. Thanks! You can't beat the price.

  3. Man wish those was ain the US! Those are great! Good find! Guess you could even say during games you could "erase" your mistakes!

  4. What is company that actually made these? Maybe they are available online somewhere?

  5. Excellent find...definately gets a rubber stamp of approval


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