Macedonians Vs Republican Romans using Chipco

I got together with the great guys at the Army Group York in York pa.

Greg and Steve ran an awesome 6mm Chipco game where I got to co command the Macedonians against Gregs Republican Romans.

The game ran for about 2.5 hrs with lots of maneuvering as both sides deployed deep their cavalry and skirmishers. Many an elephant went crazy on both sides, "STAMPY NO!!!". The Macedonians managed to seize the Roman camp in the 4th turn and it was a downward slide from there for the Romans as the Mac skirmishers cleaned house.

This was my first win in an Ancients game!

Thanks again to Greg and Steve, might have to have a look at some 6mm lead...



  1. Great looking figures! Congratulations on your first Ancients game win!


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