A couple friends came over to play a modified Where Heroes Dare! Game set in the Clone Wars universe.

Scenario was Annikan and Ashoka had captured a Banking Guild official and were waiting for his pick up by a Republican Gunship on turn 4. The Separatists had to prevent this.

General Grievious launched his assault with the tanks going forward supported by the Droids behind them. The Clones held their ground firing missiles into the tanks as fire swept their positions. On turn 3 a flanking force of 4 Super Battle Droids and a Sith Apprentice attack from the tree line charging the Clones holding the Banking Official.

The ARC clones holding the prisoner hosed down the flankers with a Thermic Projector and Annakin swept in to finish the job. Clones win the game.

I want to tinker with this scenario more, maybe add some more details and get Grievious closer to the front for more action.

More to come!


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