Had a chance to get together with some great friends and run a Gladiator Tournament using Iron Ivan Games ruleset, Victus.

Participants were:

Al "Gratian of Gaul"
Bryan "Angus the Celt"
Chris "Pugnax of Greece"
Keith "Ferrus the Goth"
Rob "Marcel"
Jayson "Vibius the Goth"

After we determined names and origins I asked everyone playing to produce a dollar. Those that could began the game as auctorati and those who could not started as servii (slaves).

For more info on running a Victus Tournament see the additional material available for download here:

I started out as a Secutor fighting Ferrus (Keith) who was a Retiarius. After plotting our moves Keith and I rolled off using a d10 with the Initiative modifiers to determine Initiative. Ferrus who was lightly geared continued to win and go first through out the match. I tried to close quickly but Ferrus constantly outmaneuvered me dealing ranged blows with both the rete and his fuscina. When I did manage to close Ferrus managed to defend my untargeted attack and followed up by netting me. Before he could finish me I sought Missio, but none was to be found from the bloodthirsty crowds who called for my end!

Meanwhile at the other table Rob and Bryan squared off as Hoplomahus vs Myrmillo with both working to cut a corner on the other. Rob threw his hasta only to miss and successfully recovered it. In the end Bryan won the match and moved to face Keith in the Mongodrome!

Chris fought Al as Hoplomachus vs Myrmillo and Chris pulled out a victory.

Keith played a Thraex against Bryans Provocator and again Keith did a lot of maneuvering but in the end Bryan lined up and caught him good and square. Now the finals.

Bryan vs Chris in the Robodrome which is a smaller arena meant to look like a banquet hall. Both players fought as Dimachaerii making it a brutal fight. To make things interesting we also threw in a ref. The player who lost initiative got to move the ref 1 hex in any direction before the players got to move making him a blocking tool. Chris came out fast and boxed Bryan into a corner as both swung into each other with their double gladii. In the end Bryan fell leaving Pugnax (Chris) the Champion of the tournament. Hail PUGNAX!

Had a great time, we ran about 3 games per player in about 3 hours. Definitely want to run it again and at a convention as well.

More to come,

The Brackets!

So it begins!

Some of the printable arenas!

Keith and I square off!

Rob and Bryan's first match.

The Mongodrome!

The Rob-O-drome!

Angus boxed in by Pugnax for the final victory!

 The Final Brackets!

More to come,


  1. Nice! Looks like a bunch of fun. It also looks like it would do really well at a convention. You could create some kind of award for the winner to display on their convention badge for bragging rights. :-)

  2. Thanks! The plan is to run this at Fall In this year,I might even get a Rudis to hand out as a prize.


  3. My favorite part was when Chris ran up to me and kept stabbing me in the face until I gave up.

  4. -just another Saturday night.

    Chris (Pugnax) was brutal, he took to the sands pretty quickly.

    Definitely need to do this again.


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