Last Night On Earth!

Got together with Mongo and some good friends last weekend and hacked our way through a game of Last Night On Earth. Good stuff!

I played a Drifter in the game and found myself fighting off the undead in a hospital. Luckily sheriff Todd was there and handed me a pistol to defend against the undead onslaught. Our mission was to destroy a mansion in the center of the table so we had to find gas and fire to burn down four spots. All together there were 8 of us playing, 6 heroes and 2 players running the zombies

In the end I wound up surrounded by zombies in a space doused with gas slowly bleeding out and ended up immolating myself to destroy one of spawn points in the mansion. See kids, Drifters aren't so bad.

Lots of fun, love the games by this company and I'm picky when it comes to boardgames.

More to come,


  1. Do you mean the famous Mongo from Brookhurst Hobbies?

  2. Ha! MY LEGACY! I hope they built a statue commemorating my deeds to inspire all hobos.

  3. I bought LNoE and a supplement from a couple of friends. I look forward to playing this one!


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